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Our philosophy consists of offering our clients complete and integrated services so as to respond to their needs in matters of international financial engineering, fiscal planning and inheritance tax planning.

Our team of highly qualified and motivated employees strives to provide the best professional services.

Whether clients are a governmental institution, an international group, a small or medium-sized company or an individual, the Firm pays special attention to every mandate. Each mandate is managed by one of the Partners with a dedicated team.

Our clients’ trust is our most valuable asset. Based on a family business orientated approach, their trust enables us to set the highest standards of care, commitment and professionalism. As our first priority is the customer satisfaction, we are working hard on a daily basis to provide a sustainable added value to our clients and maintain a long lasting relationship with them.

Both in Luxembourg and internationally, we have won the confidence of our clients to whom we guarantee flexibility, rapidity and discretion in the tailor-made services provided to them.

Our Unique Selling Points

Confidentiality: Compared to larger firms, information is shared only with key people at FFF, keeping exposure of confidential information at an absolute minimum.

Quality: Clear and straightforward internal processes linked to effective quality management

Control: Each file under permanent overview of a partner and his dedicated team

Services: Flexible, tailor made, competitive, innovative and personal services

Partnerships: Strategic partnerships through HLB International and our correspondents

Over 65 years in trust: Oldest privately owned and independent fiduciary in Luxembourg


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