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It is essential to ensure first class and tailor-made services to our clients. Therefore we exclusively recruit highly qualified, experienced and motivated personnel. We are happy to benefit from a multicultural workforce, hence enjoying the advantage of sharing different ideas and approaches to a given task. Languages spoken in our office are: Luxembourgish, German, French, English, Italian, Arab, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch and Romanian.

As tax experts, chartered accountants and legal advisors, we will be at our clients’ service to analyze their requests and we will propose a global solution. Over the years we have built a global network/platform of exclusive partners allowing us to operate in most jurisdictions to serve all our clients’ needs.

Being a family business, we are able to respond to any request in a very short period of time and are, thanks to our experience and know how, very flexible in offering the best suitable solutions for any given situation.

Our Unique Selling Points

Confidentiality: Compared to larger firms, information is shared only with key people at FFF, keeping exposure of confidential information at an absolute minimum.

Quality: Clear and straightforward internal processes linked to effective quality management

Control: Each file under permanent overview of a partner and his dedicated team

Services: Flexible, tailor made, competitive, innovative and personal services

Partnerships: Strategic partnerships through HLB International and our correspondents

Over 65 years in trust: Oldest privately owned and independent fiduciary in Luxembourg


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