Tax & Accounting Services

Tax & Accounting Services

Our highly qualified team provides complete accounting services:

  • Posting daily entries and back office;
    • ( bank, cash, invoices etc.)
  • Periodical bookkeeping and reporting;
    • calculating inventory, depreciation, provisions, etc.
  • Preparation of annual accounts;
  • Drawing up balance-sheet forecasts;
  • Investment planning and financial controlling;
  • Preparation of budgets and business dashboards;
  • Creation and development of management tools;
  • Consolidation;
  • Filing and publication of accounts;
  • Assistance in complying with legal and administrative requirements;
  • Posting daily entries and back office:
    • VAT registration;
    • Drawing up periodic and annual VAT declaration;
    • Setup of income tax returns for Luxembourg residents and non-residents;
    • Fiscal advice and follow up;
    • International fiscal planning;
    • Dealing with fiscal administrations.

Our Unique Selling Points

Confidentiality: Compared to larger firms, information is shared only with key people at FFF, keeping exposure of confidential information at an absolute minimum.

Quality: Clear and straightforward internal processes linked to effective quality management

Control: Each file under permanent overview of a partner and his dedicated team

Services: Flexible, tailor made, competitive, innovative and personal services

Partnerships: Strategic partnerships through HLB International and our correspondents

Over 65 years in trust: Oldest privately owned and independent fiduciary in Luxembourg


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