Financial engineering

Financial engineering

We assist our clients with their international business needs and demands. Due to our international network and thanks to years of experience with professional partners, it is one of our specialties to set up holding and operating vehicles in many jurisdiction and arrange tax rulings where possible and needed. Through our longstanding experience, we manage to advise and control the most efficient and beneficial structures:

  • selection of the appropriate legal and fiscal structure of simple and complex groups;
  • transformation of companies: mergers, acquisitions and demergers;
  • restructuring;
  • liquidation of companies.

Our Unique Selling Points

Confidentiality: Compared to larger firms, information is shared only with key people at FFF, keeping exposure of confidential information at an absolute minimum.

Quality: Clear and straightforward internal processes linked to effective quality management

Control: Each file under permanent overview of a partner and his dedicated team

Services: Flexible, tailor made, competitive, innovative and personal services

Partnerships: Strategic partnerships through HLB International and our correspondents

Over 65 years in trust: Oldest privately owned and independent fiduciary in Luxembourg


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